This blog is about nutrition for adolescent athletes.

I am not a physician, nutritionist, or dietitian.

I am an independent researcher. Independence, outsider status, has advantages. I do not have to worry about funders. I mean, at all. I don’t have a reputation to protect. I don’t have any past published works to defend. I have nothing to lose.

I rely on easily accessible (and easy to understand) research findings on nutrition and athletic performance. I also have access to consensus statements on nutrition for athletic performance from the best sources. We all do. They are public and free. These statements are meant for people like you and me. They are written in plain language. They are rigorous and regularly updated.

I also rely on a subset of athletic associations, clubs, and coaches that distribute shockingly inaccurate, irresponsible, and (frankly) shady dietary recommendations to young athletes.

Without them, there would be nothing to write about.

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